Friday, 21 March 2003

Well here it is, my blog. It's not looking as good as I hoped it might, but at least I'm not using a template.

I'm currently in my room, waiting till... mebbe half seven or some such time. I finished my essay around two and bounded up to campus to find that the printers stop working after 0100 - I guess they don't want people like me cheekily using up all the paper.

The trip was not a total waste of time though, as I saw:

  1. A badger

  2. Some "emerging spring bulbs"

  3. A sign which said that the Guild sandwich-bar's special was "No Chicken Mayo"

Since then, I've been designing this blog, as I got back at about three without much to do except sleep. Unusually, I was not in the mood for sleep. Plenty of time for that tomorrow...