Sunday, 23 March 2003

Woke up this morning. Was immediately bewildered by the discrepancy between my two timekeeping devices. My mobile said it was 0640, my radio 1040. In the latter case, this would meant that I had overslept and missed communion at St. Martin's. Knowing this to be a logical impossibility, I stayed in bed listening to Radio 3, then Death to the Pixies and then some Dizzy Gillespie.

When I did get up, I fiddled around with the Choral Society website, but as I have no FTP program installed, and can't remember the upload path, it remains rather similar to how it was yesterday. I mucked about with the stylesheets for my comments box (again, no possibility of uploading) until I actually was late for church, from whence I have now returned. Aesthetically, it was not a very good service, but this seemed particularly not to matter today, and I suspect that on the level at which church is meant to work, it did. Hallelu, and indeed, Jah. I will go to my local, hopefully friendly, Catholic church at 2000 and case the joint for holiness.