Sunday, 30 March 2003

My very first notepadded entry, as blogger seemed to think I had stopped existing for a while. So Nina, if you're reading this*, it's not just Free Open Diary, some people with proper blogs suffer too. Schnarf.

I've just got back from church, where I played guitar. I think I was a bit ropey today, but I'm fairly sure it's always appreciated. Things counting against my performance:

  1. See entry below

  2. My hands are in a parlous state because of work

  3. Mum changed the songs without telling me

  4. I was tired, so I only allowed myself half an hour to practise

After a bit of nudging from all and sundry, I got Mum some free flowers from the front. I got her a card of my own volition. She was right - nothing about the transfiguration at all. It was Moses amongst the reeds and Simeon. I think that's John the Baptist's Dad isn't it? Ah, apparently not. But I was nearly right - He's one of those people who crop up only in Luke's gospel because he researched it rather thoroughly, not like that work-shy Mark chap. Shame on me for not paying enough attention to notice it was Jesus they were talking about though. I was probably frantically flicking through Songs of Fellowship.

At the end, Dad said he thought that my guitar playing was coming along nicely, also that he thought I lacked confidence.

I just rechecked the old Google link, and it seems that they do not find my gimmicky form title thing amusing. Ah well - who needs hits? Apparently I do...
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