Wednesday, 26 March 2003

Work today was okay, better than yesterday. One notably better thing about it was that I got free M&Ms when they fell out of the vending machine. Can't say fairer than that. Everyone complained about the job afterwards. I'm going to see if I can stick it out for three weeks. I imagine they think only a nutjob capable of such a thing. Well I'll show them!

On the way back, I noticed a peculiar thing. On the part of the A30 which adjoins the town centre, a railing used to divide the road into dual carriageway. That railing has now gone, with the result that it now has a sort of long traffic island instead. This is awesome, because it means I can cross the road when I want to, and not when some idiotic town planner thinks that I should. The most remarkable thing about this is that the railing was there yesterday, which means that workmen must have done the job within a period of twenty-four hours, on a main road, not to mention removing obstructions. This is clearly not the case, and I am wondering when the prankster will own up. On a similar note, I learn that - well I'll start at the start:

There is a roundabout on the A30 near us called the Jolly Farmer. Oddly, it has been used quite a few times as a suitable place for a pub/restaurant. The Mongolian Barbecue, which was the last of these ventures, closed down a while back. Now Burger King applied for planning permission to build a drive through there. This is an even more stupid idea, in terms of convenience, than having a restaurant. Also, this did not please our Collingwood College, which I went to, many moons ago, because they suspect that should such an edifice be erected, their students would run over and get run over. So planning permission was denied. Hooray! The thing is - the business which is to set up shop there is a golfing supplies shop. When I went to Collingwood however, there was a significant minority of pupils that might have run out into the road for golf supplies...

I went straight into snack mode when I got back, as I neglected to prepare foodstuffs for work. I ate the remaining brie, most of which went missing on the day of purchase, even though Mum didn't think that I would be capable of eating it all. I wonder if you're meant to eat the rind...

Nicholas has bought a new stereo. So he can listen to French radio apparently. I shall investigate on the morrow. Wow! He tells me it has three Cd slots. I'd love that.