Wednesday, 26 March 2003

Good morning. I don't expect much of note to happen on a daily basis these days, so if I do not blog, it's not because I've forgotten. Now I've started this entry however, I will say that I watched the The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show or as Boomerang has it, Snoopy. I enjoyed it as usual.

I think Adrian has intentions to update this (correction: this) at some point. He asked me about where he could learn HTML. I just mistyped "point" as "pint". This might be because I was dying for one yesterday, post-work being the ideal time for one. However (and now it is on the blog I shall make a habit of not telling anyone else because I'm bored with it now), I have given up alcohol for lent. No dice.

I put links into my title bar yesterday, and as you can see, it now looks ugly. I'll sort it out later. Have fun.