Tuesday, 25 March 2003

Good morning. Last night I dreamt that a contemporary of mine, in the English department, who I know but slightly, asked me if I would marry her when we were leaving a lecture or somesuch. My immediate idea was that it was probably for tax reasons or somesuch, but it seemed untactful to proceed along these lines, so I just said "What?" She looked exasperated and said not to mind. Down the stairs we went, with everyone else, she directly ahead of me, audibly singing a love song. I couldn't make out the words. At the bottom of the stairs she turned round and said, emphatically, "No, seriously." I refrain from any attempt at analysis.

Today I have to be in town for 1330. This is so that I get transported into Guildford, for my shift, which I believe I have not mentioned is a 1400-2200. For this reason I got up two hours later than my usual bright and breezy 0800.