Monday, 31 March 2003

First thing I did in town was to get the train ticket: Easter Sunday... Drat! I was going to blog the time that the train left Blackwater, but the woman who served me neglected to put this information on the back of the ticket. I'm fairly sure it was around 1245. You can't reserve seats on the Blackwater to Reading train you see - I expect she thought it wasn't important. I'll check later. Anyway, I said I wanted a single, and she offered me a return. I endeavoured to correct her, but she told me it was cheaper by some eight pounds sterling. Who am I to argue? I had to improvise a return time, so theoretically I'll be coming back here on the Wednesday after, but I've a feeling I'll miss my train. Today must be arbitrary Wednesday day.

I still don't have any actual money from work yet, but, safe in the knowledge that I will on Friday, I sauntered over to MVC because I don't have much music at home, and bought Dvorak's Stabat Mater and some Stravinsky ballet music including, naturally, The Rite of Spring. I had this on Minidisc after copying it off someone in the first year, but then I got on my high horse and deleted it.

Then I did the shopping; ten pounds worth of cans, vegetables and a couple of sandwiches. I don't really eat many vegetarian sausages.

I was getting to be at a bit of a loss for things to do in town before the minibus to work came, so I thought I'd go over to the library to a) see if they had anything I could listen to my albums on (unlikely) and b) whether their internet access was free, so I could blog all this (unlikely) before 2330, or whatever time I posted this, little knowing that blogger would crash and make me blog it all tomorrow in any case. I couldn't do either, but the library does offer free intenet access, which was nice. It's just that some scurrilous rogues were taking advantage of the fact before I wanted to use it.

I then sat around in various locations, and used up my free texts for the day. One such was Vicki Hutton, a friend from A-level, who I haven't seen or texted in quite a while. She's still at university writing essays in Aberystwyth.

I managed at work today. I had a little bit of a headache from about an hour into it, but I took a) some Nurofen and b) it easy, so I survived. By the time I felt fighting fit again, it was the last hour, and no-one else could really be bothered, so I caved in to peer pressure. At the end, those of us from Camberley inexplicably got driven home in a "the blue vectra over there" while two people, one of whom was the driver, took the minibus exclusively to Basingstoke. Today was not a good day to take shopping into work.

Today I heard the new song from Christina Aguilera about a million times. She's on heavy rotation on just about everything I think. It is not an outstanding song. Aguilera she say:
I am beautiful, no matter what they say [...]
I am beautiful in every single way.

Right, so hands up everyone who's been walking round saying "You know that Aguilera? Ugly isn't she?". Anyone? I prefer just to listen to the music*, but apparently Kelly Osbourne and Westlife, and some other people have been. This whole celebrity thing is just one big playground with more bouncers...

Yesterday, says Nick, he had a conversation mostly in French with Will on MSN. He says it was amusing, so I thought I'd post it. I can't make head nor tail of it personally. Update: Autotranslate - the marvels of technology!