Tuesday, 1 April 2003

Nick knocked on my door early today again. He looked a bit sheepish, but it wasn't half so early, so I didn't obliterate him. He wanted to know if I had seen Neil's link-cable so he could play GBA games at college with some other guy. What a concept! If only it were possible for us to link our GBAs together in Exeter with a £1 4-way cable from Poundland for example.

I found a thing on the interweb called Bloglet. Apparently it sends blog entries by electrical mail, so that you don't have to check them by going to the site. This sounded splendid, so I've signed up. I soon found, however, that you can only get entries from people who have signed up. Ah well, hopefully some people who's blogs I want to read will sign up in time. Till then, I suppose you could make do with mine.