Thursday, 3 April 2003

As I whiled away so much time yesterday, I thought I'd do some things before blogging today. So far, all this has meant is that I've tidied my room and changed my sheets. I may start reading 'Tis Pity She's a Whore before work too, but it's not looking as likely as it might be. My GBA was running out of steam from playing Chu Chu Rocket so I drained the batteries by leaving it on in my room so that I could recharge it later. I think this may have led to Nick putting some music on. He was autoshuffling his way through a compilation of world music and Take Five - I think that's the name of the album.

You know when you get instant coffee, it comes with kind of a paper seal, that one is compelled to pop with the back of a teaspoon or whatever, because it makes a satisfying noise? We got a new jar of chocolate spread with one of those. Nicholas, peeling back the label, says he hates "these kinds of lids" because "you have to peel them off".

Natwest sent me a questionnaire. "It should only take a few minutes to" throw it in the bin.

Hmm, no archiving. Anyway, literature...