Wednesday, 2 April 2003

My day off has been quite nice so far. I did nothing for ages, but I did it out of bed, because... well I don't know why.

I hung around until Nicholas got back from college, so we could go to town to do various things. I went to Workbase and told Richard that I was only working until next Friday (if my grey cells haven't dissolved by then), then found out that I'm still not in credit, so I couldn't buy everything I wanted to. I just bought myself a new watch instead. It seems to be a Casio W-34H. Somewhat atypically, I have not read the manual yet. Nick came for his own reasons; to pick up some French newspapers from Smiths (not possible), get a new walkman, some DVDs and a GBA link-cable. The DVDs he bought were The Seven Samurai and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The former I think superb, the latter rather good. I was badgering him to get Metropolis and Strictly Ballroom, but the cad displayed independence of mind.

When we got back I showed him "a choice selection" of Strong Bad e-mails. He'd been to before, but made the rookie mistake of watching the main cartoons rather than looking at the e-mails. My highlights comprised trevor the vampire, superhero name, website, japanese cartoon and, that apex of all things strong and bad, dragon. A brief connection of GBAs ensued in which we played about two rounds of "Green Beret" off Konami Arcade Advance and then "Yie-ar-kung-fu!" which was more awesome than I was expecting as a two player.

Mum asked me at some point in the day whether Adrian had told me when he was planning on visiting. I replied that I did not know. I contacted Adrian through two very uncertain media to tell him that I was around in holy week; in a comments box and by text to Emma's phone, which she has been known to ignore for weeks at a time. Anyway, should you read this, let us know will you?

I got round to telling Vicki and Mary about my blog via e-mail, and Vicki reminded me of her site, which is a collection of essays and other things. It's a bit blog-like in that the essays are listed by date. She also said that my blog had "a very nice design" which was itself, a very nice thing to say.

Nicholas has gone out to play three notes* in the Collingwood production of My Fair Lady.