Thursday, 3 April 2003

I do not ignore my phone for weeks at a time ill have you know especially now i have a new one that has a working battery and doesnt switch itself off e

very time [someone calls]

says Emma. Well, that's me told. On the subject of phones, someone has left me an answerphone message on my mobile. It'll probably be Mum or Dad, they're the usual suspects. I don't like answerphone messages on my mobile, because it costs me money to listen to them. Currently I don't have enough credit to do this. When I do, I think I'll change my answerphone message to "Please don't leave me any answerphone messages." if I can.

On the minibus back tonight, I heard an apalling thing. Our driver, without exception, puts on a tape containing soul music on when we drive back to Camberley. For all I know he listens to happy hardcore on the Basingstoke leg, but everytime I'm in the minibus - soul. This I can usually cope with, but tonight, he achieved aural decimation. The offending article was a soul cover of "Somewhere" from West Side Story. I can't really convey the awfulness of it, but I can say that the verse was sung over the opening riff to "Cool" which was a patently stupid idea, and even when it got more sensibly arranged, it ran the gamut of every rubbish soul cliche available to leave the listener with a soggy mess of a once noble track. On the plus side, I got dropped off nearer to home than might be expected.

Right, well I shall read 'Tis Pity in the bath.