Sunday, 27 July 2003

After church, and before Neil went back to Exeter, he treated Nick and myself to luch at the Windlebrook in Bagshot. It was good. I had a roasted pepper tart and a good quantity of coke. I wish Nicholas could drive.

We, myself, Ruth and Nick, went to the Thatched Cottage music quiz yesterday. This quiz itself was good, and we nearly won it, but the atmosphere was not pleasant. I'm not averse to a bit of smoke, but the place seemed full of the stuff which wasn't very good. And the music was at club volume, rather than conversation volume, so my throat's a bit sore now, which is one of the more reliable indicators of an unsatifactory night out for myself. Nicholas is musch less a fan of smoke than myself, and upon bemoaning the fact that his hair wopuld probably stink in the morning, w resolved to drive back with the windows fully open. Not sure what good it did, but it had the fringe benfit that whever you pass a car, it makes a satisfactory whooshing noise.