Friday, 25 July 2003

I can be a regular spendthrift sometimes. Upon coming out of the Jobcentre in the drizzle, I made my way to the BBC shop and bought some Hancock's Half Hour and Jeeves and Wooster. The Hancock was almost a reasonable expense, but the Wodehouse? I shouldn't be spending that much money. Before you ask, I don't want to say precisly how much it was.

* * *

What's all this? The blogger interface has gone all squiggly. Well never mind. Big Brother's over and Cameron won, which I was rather pleased with. I thought to myself, "I wonder what Graham Norton makes of it; He's bit of a BB afficianado":
The bible-reading, teetotal virgin will be celebrating tonight! God knows how - belt a few children, shoot a few queers.

I knew there was a reason I never watched his show. Besides which, I gather he was backing Cameron a while back (I wasn't watching though). Well I dunno.