Tuesday, 22 July 2003

Re:covered is a good programme. Today they had Mel C on. She seems like a nice person. In any case her cover was a Stevie Wonder song, and it was good. Next on the television agenda was Brian Sewell (sp?) in The Naked Pilgrim. I didn't see the first episode, so perhaps they gave the rationale for the name there, but Brian was conspicuously not naked. The idea is that he's sort of doing a pilgrimage to Santiago, and sort of is right. He's got a car, for one thing. But he's an enthusiastic sort of chap, and it was fairly engaging to see what he got up to, which in one instance was going out on a fishing boat to catch a fish, a tradition for pilgrims I understand, sneering at the weather, and then rethcing over the side about five minutes later. All interestingly enunciated in any case.

In the evening, Nick, Ruth, Mark Dungay and I went to the Monkey Puzzle pub quiz. We came second by one point, as the questions weren't too taxing, but there were about six teams joint first. For anyone else who doesn't know, James Herriot isn't actually called James Herriot. I'm not up to much these days, but Mark asked if Nick and I were up for a bit of gay clubbing, as Gary has apparently roped him and Miles into it. One of the most inadequate excuses in the world follows - they didn't go last time because "they'd got some videos out from Blockbuster". I think I'll just leave Mark and Miles to it, but it's not inconceivable that I'll go.