Thursday, 24 July 2003

Hello. Just got back from sorting some things in town. Dad's computer seems to be running in safe mode, which looks very bizarre with his new larger monitor. Nyeh. Anyway, first I popped into the Jobcentre to say I was working and would they mind terribly not giving me any more money? Then paid a cheque in - fuel costs for visiting Adrian and Emma which Mum and Dad are kindly paying. I finally got round to getting...

Dad just wandered in to tell me what he thinks is up with his computer.


2search just phoned me to tell me that I gave the wrong phone number for a reference. 717 rather than 707.

...a tie to go with my red shirt. I've lost a few ties somewhere. I have no idea where they are. I also got around to getting a belt. I had to go into 2search to give them my details and fill in forms and things. The one hunted-looking woman who was in there also gave me a maths test and spelling test to do. I did most of the maths bit in my head, as I thought I was supposed to, but I was meant to use a calculator as it turned out. Gratifiyingly, I only made a few mistakes when I checked back. All the...

2search just phoned me to say that my referee wasn't in anyway. Dad said would I mind running Norton when I finish? Finish this blog entry?

...agencies I seem to go to these days (office work, but not exciting office work) seem to be entirely populated by young blonde women. These were very helpful, possibly too helpful near the end. On the way back I went ot MVC and got Beck, One Foot in the Grave, Grooverider, Mysteries of Funk and Orbital's Back to Mine which as far as I could make out is just music that Orbital like inc. P.J. Harvey, "Kamikaze" and Jethro Tull, "Living in the Past".

A scone and then home.
And here I am.
Better run Norton.