Sunday, 27 July 2003

Y'all ready for this? Well the worship went pretty well today allowing for what might have happened. I don't really understand the difficulty, perhaps I am just more musical than I might be, but steady tempos and confident entries just seem to be anathema to our congregation, even where the song is particularly trad and well known. As I say though, it went pretty well. I dragged my FX box in as I was on my own. A little light phasing and chorus never hurt anybody. At the end I was asked, as though I knew much about music, what would be the best way for a violinist (that doesn't seem like the right word - if it is, it's an ugly one), the enquirer's own flesh and blood, to practise hymns. It's be quite exciting to have three instrumentalists playing. As far as I can recall, such a thing has only been known at Christmas since I've been there.